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Dye Penetrant Inspection

Dye Penetrant Inspection “DPI” (also known as Penetrant Testing “PT” or Liquid Penetrant Inspection “LPI”) is used for the detection of surface breaking flaws in all non-porous ferrous and non-ferrous materials of any size such as metals, plastics and ceramics.  NDT_Dye_Penterant_3.jpg

Typical applications would be forged, cast or welded products which are prone to cracking and other surface flaws, or when Magnetic Particle Inspection is not practical for reasons such as material type or complex geometry.

A visible or fluorescent dye (either solvent or water based) can be applied to the surface of the item under test in several different ways such as spraying, brushing, dipping or immersion of the component into the dye. 

During the penetration time (dwell time), the dye penetrates any surface breaking flaws through “capillary action”.  Once the dwell time has been reached the excess dye is removed from the surface of the item under test leaving no dye visible to the naked eye.  A developing agent is then applied which draws the dye out of any surface breaking flaws through reverse “capillary action” and clearly reveals this area to the operator.NDT_Dye_Penterant_1.jpg

Services on offer from Venture:

  • Fluorescent penetrant line for small and medium sized components.
  • Fluorescent penetrant system for larger components.
  • Site services offering colour contrast and fluorescent techniques.
  • Portable quick assembly tents of various sizes for on-site fluorescent penetrant inspection.
  • Comprehensive 24hr in-house and on-site service.
  • Approved procedures for control checks.
  • Approved procedures to specific industry standard.
  • Inspectors fully qualified to PCN & SNT.
  • Approved Method Statements, Risk Assessments and COSHH Assessments including confined space entry work.

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