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Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic Particle Inspection "MPI" (also known as Magnetic Testing "MT") is used for the detection of surface and near-surface flaws (such as cracks) in ferromagnetic materials e.g. steel NDT_MPI.gifand iron.

A magnetic field can be applied to the item under test by either direct magnetization or indirect magnetization. 

  • Direct magnetization is when an electric current is passed through the item under test and a subsequent magnetic field is formed within the material.
  • Indirect magnetism is when no electric current is passed through the test object, but a magnetic field is applied from an outside source such as a 110v portable electromagnet or permanent magnet. 


The presence of a surface or near surface discontinuity causes the magnetic flux to distort or leak.  Fine magnetic particles (either dry or suspended in a carrier fluid) are applied to the surface of the item under test. These magnetic particles are attracted to any area of flux distortion or leakage thus creating a clear visible indication to the operator.

The more sensitive techniques of MPI utilise fluorescent magnetic particles which are viewed in a darkened area under a UV (black) light.

Services on offer from Venture:

  • 6000 Amp Magnaflux Bench Unit. 
  • Fluorescent / Colour Contrast techniques in-house and on-site.
  • Site services offering portable 110v coils, prods and electromagnets.
  • Comprehensive 24hr in-house and on-site service.
  • Approved procedures for control checks.
  • Approved procedures to specific industry standard.
  • Inspectors fully qualified to PCN & SNT.
  • Approved Method Statements, Risk Assessments and COSHH Assessments including confined space entry work.


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