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Visual Testing (VT)

Visual Testing (VT) also know as Visual Inspection, is an NDT method used extensively to evaluate the condition or the quality of an item.  It is easily carried out, inexpensive and usually doesn’t require any special equipment.  Visual Testing may be carried out by eye alone or can be enhanced by the use of optical systems such as magnifiers and microscopes.  NDT_Visual_Testing_2.jpg

A variety of equipment is available to the inspector including:

  • mirrors,
  • gauges,
  • borescopes,
  • endoscopes,
  • video / computer enhancement systems.

Visual Testing is a vital part of the in-service inspection and can identify such things as:

  • fatigue cracks, NDT_Visual_Testing_5.png
  • creep failure,
  • corrosion,
  • erosion,
  • abrasion,
  • mechanical damage,
  • wear and tear,
  • distortion,
  • poor workmanship. 

This can identify where a failure is most likely to occur and minimise downtime.

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